Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trees, no doubt, are essential to human life. They provide us with fruits, clean air, cool shade, and refuge. They also make the surroundings look more colorful and attractive. Without trees, life will be dull and even impossible for us. Thus, it is vital that we give them the care they deserve in return. Keeping a tree healthy and strong is not entirely easy. But with the help of professional arborists from Rodeo Tree Service, we can bring out the best in your trees. 

Why Choose Us to Trim your Tree? 

Correct Pruning 

Trimming will go a long way if done correctly by experts. This is why it is important to look for a tree company that can provide expert trimming services that will benefit the trees in your yard. Some homeowners try to perform their own tree trimming service only to regret it because of the unsuccessful results. Trimming requires precision cuts that only expert tree companies can provide. 

Pruning the Right Time

No matter where there are trees, we are there to provide high-quality service. Regardless of the season, we are available to supply you with your tree trimming needs. Our arborists understand the biology of trees, which is why we can determine when it is best to trim or prune them. For most trees, it would benefit them best if you trim them during their dormant state because they can recover faster from the wound caused by the cut. 

Planting Trees

We also offer tree planting services if you are looking to add one in your yard. Bear in mind that you should not plant just any tree in your property without making sure it is the best kind for your situation. Rodeo Tree Service considers the soil’s condition, the species of tree, and the climate in the region before deciding which tree to plant. As a typical homeowner, it may be difficult for you to identify the best type to plant in your yard, and that is where we come in. You can count on us to deliver the best advice that suits your needs.

Pests Control Service

Rodeo Tree Service provides an effective pest control service to help your tree recover from infestation. Pests and insects can be detrimental to the overall health of a tree. Even the healthiest tree can fall victim to infections, so it is crucial to get to the bottom of the problem and provide appropriate solutions. 

Licensed and Bonded

Tree trimming entails risks that can be a challenge for a typical homeowner to handle.  You may end up doing more harm than good to your tree by making a wrong cut. It is a smart move to look for a professional tree company with a license, insurance, and bond to protect you from any liabilities.  

If you are looking for a reputable tree company in town, look no further! Rodeo Tree Service is the company you are looking for! We bring you unparalleled tree trimming services backed by science and experience. You can depend on us to bring out the best in your trees and ensure their health in the years to come.

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